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Sandra Oh as Four-eyed Frankie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by subxerogravity 7 / 10

Very impressive. Surprised they did not sugarcoat the message more

It's an animated kids movie, but it has lots of elements everyone in the family can enjoy.

Really like the character design of the animation. Very unique and artistic, plus in help to create even more individuality in a group of kids that are already individuals. There is a kid that everyone can relate to in this film.

I was a little surprise how clearly the adult themes about war came in through this movie. I never seen that done before, it was so obvious and added a dark element usually not scene in a kids movie, but it's real cool, cause the film takes into account how smart this generation is and how aware they are of the world around them.

Would highly recommend for anyone looking for a good children's movie to sit thought with the kids.

Reviewed by Ayse Coskun Tekman 4 / 10

A movie for whom?

I was very excited when I heard about the story of Snowtime! and rushed to cinema with my son 7 years old. We were very happy to make an activity together because I have a very small time to send with him, I am working and coming home late mostly. It was a very sunny Sunday however we wanted to spend our time by watching a movie... Entire movie was funny, friendly and all the views were very lovely, all the snow and children :) Here comes the spoiler!!!!! The fight between two children groups were kindly and we liked to watch it however when the beautiful dog passed away, I couldn't believe it.My son was looking at me with disappointment and I waited for a surprise that the dog didn't die indeed. No.. It was real. The dog was dead and the children buried him! I couldn't believe that a movie for the children ended like this. I dis attract my son, telling him about the candy that I am going to buy him after the movie and tried to hide my tears... I am so sorry that we went to cinema that sunny Sunday...

Reviewed by Galad2003 2 / 10

An Anti-War Movie Disguised as a Kids Movie

Spoilers Below

So I let me kids watch this thinking it was a kid's movie. Two group of kids build a snow fort and have a snow ball war. It's a good movie until the end when the dog is killed in the war and the movie turns into a lesson on war. My kids where devastated by this. So now I have two crying little kids. What idiot makes an anti-war movie disguised as a kids movie? There was no hint of this when we rented it. If you want to make a political statement fine but give parents a heads up. I feel this was an ambush by the film makers and completely unnecessary. You can never kill a dog in a movie! Much less a kids movie. Please don't watch this with your small children.

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